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ēloquium ī, n eloquor, expression, utterance, speech: insolitum, H.: tona eloquio, V.

— Eloquence: Eloquio virum Molliet, O.: eloquio Nestora vincere, O.

Hello! My name is Emily. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Ottawa, in my final year of studying English Literature. I love writing almost as much as I love reading. In addition to literature, I am also interested in the studies of art history, theology, and music, and I love combining these disciplines in my writing. I plan to enter graduate studies upon completing my undergraduate degree, and I hope to specialize in the field of Pre-Raphaelite literature and art.

My other literary and artistic interests include 19th Century Russian Literature, the Italian Baroque period, French Impressionism, American Modernism, Fin de Siecle Literature, Proto-punk music, and anything Oscar Wilde.

As I mentioned, I love writing and hope to improve on it. I created this blog to showcase my favourite pieces, and also to motivate me to continue to strive for better. Thank you for checking it out!